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Ensuring quality resources for future generations

Environmental sustainability and conservation of valuable resources are priorities at Lindenmeyr Munroe. To reduce our environmental footprint, we have partnered with the right organizations, implemented recycling programs, and invested in energy and fuel saving technologies to help achieve our goals.

Chain-of-Custody Certifications

With a commitment to maintain the integrity of our natural surroundings, Lindenmeyr Munroe supports sustainable forestry through responsible preservation and by upholding chain-of-custody standards for FSC™, SFI® and PEFC™ papers.


Committed to providing a diverse selection of products while maintaining our environmental standards, Lindenmeyr Munroe partners with suppliers who share the same values, producing responsibly sourced and recycled products that have a minimal impact on the environment.

Our state-of-the-art converting facilities serve the custom paper and packaging market with precision sheeters, guillotine trimmers and a cartonizing line, reducing trim and minimizing waste.

SmartWay Transport

With the rise of freight transportation in the US, Lindenmeyr Munroe recognizes the importance of partaking in practices to reduce the potential environmental impact of our own fleet of trucks.

We were the first paper distributor to partner with SmartWay Transport, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) program to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by measuring and benchmarking their freight transportation efficiency.

As a result of our partnership, we are able to monitor and improve our freight activity to lessen air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change.


In conjunction with SmartWay, Roadnet, a fuel saving technology, has been installed in all our trucks. The software takes into consideration speed limits, rush hour and historical traffic data, providing the fastest and most precise route for all deliveries.

Since the implementation of Roadnet, Lindenmeyr Munroe has been able to eliminate unnecessary miles driven and reduce engine idling, maximizing the efficiency of our delivery trucks.

Energy Efficient Lighting

As a part of our energy efficiency initiative, Lindenmeyr Munroe has installed motion activated lighting throughout our warehouses and offices. The sensors have proven to be helpful in reducing our overall electricity consumption by as much as 40%, especially in areas with irregular usage.

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