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the experience

we know your industry.

olmsted-kirk equipment and supply provides you with cleaning systems and solutions that help your employees do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. we realize that there is not one solution to every business’ cleaning needs. a hospital’s requirements are vastly different from those of a school. at olmsted-kirk, we understand your industry and take a specialized, consultative approach to solving your cleaning needs. our staff of consultants has an average of 15 years of experience spanning a variety of industries.

for example, schools are concerned with the durability of products because of the daily heavy traffic and pleasing aesthetics are essential as the end result. because many schools work on a bidding process, low cost is a major factor. qualified buyers receive gsa pricing through olmsted-kirk, in addition to delivery (usually second day), training and service that you will not receive if you have to order directly from the manufacturer. additionally, if you qualify under txmas guidelines, we can fulfill your orders at those price points as well.

with healthcare facilities, controlling bacteria and preventing cross contamination are crucial because of the closed environment and amount of people in the facility. cleaning an occupied room requires different techniques than in other settings. use of effective products is critical. proper training is essential, and olmsted-kirk has years of industry experience in this arena.

olmsted-kirk also has plenty of experience in the industrial sector, offering effective and efficient heavy duty cleaning programs for oils, greases and other chemicals.

with hotels, we understand that you must clean thousands of square feet everyday in a short period of time. the cleanliness and appearance of your facility is crucial. a bad impression, first or otherwise, can mean the loss of business. therefore, we understand your need to clean a large area efficiently and quickly. we offer programs and training that have helped leaders in the hotel industry gain national recognition.

we provide quality, efficiency and expertise…..

unfortunately, the effort to drive down costs with mass distributors and reverse auctions has come at the cost of service and expertise. at olmsted-kirk, we believe in finding products and equipment that help your employees do their job better and faster. though many do not associate technology with the sanitation and janitorial industry, breakthroughs in equipment, products and cleaning techniques have drastically changed how facilities can be cleaned. the result—under the proper cleaning program, you can manage your cleaning needs much more effectively and efficiently.

first, we determine scope of problem—major or minor. we listen to our customers to determine the problem and to determine your expectations. we schedule a visit to visually evaluate the situation and gather information. this visit also serves the purpose of precisely pinpointing your cleaning challenges, expectations and desired result. we want to find out exactly what you want and not what we think you want.

if necessary, we observe cleaning procedures and techniques. our consultant will then assemble a plan of action, which could include a combination of products, training or equipment. or, we could simply teach your staff new procedures on how to use existing products to do a better job to achieve results.

finally, we set up a demonstration and trial on small scale to prove what the end result will be if you follow recommendations.

nursing home was unsatisfied with current janitorial & sanitation supplier

interviewed facilities cleaning director over the phone and in person.

key questions:

assessed population.  determined level of care. how many people where in the facility?  skilled care or was it an assisted living community?  are the residents ambulatory people or are they for the most part restricted to beds? 

walk through the facility. 

evaluated dispensing systems for chemicals, paper and hand care.  observed a housekeeper cleaning a room.  watched what she cleaned and her cleaning techniques.  assessed floor to determine the level of cleanliness.


noticed the facility utilized “ready to use” quarts at a cost of nearly $2 per quart.  found product that performs as effectively at 17 cents per quart.  olmstead-kirk provided dispensing system on a loan basis.

also observed an inefficient use of paper towels on the counter.  employees would use much more than they needed.  installed an effective paper control dispensing system.

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